Monday, October 09, 2006


On Conference Sunday, mom gave me these beautiful lantanas to plant in my front yard. They were in a vase of water, so they needed to be put in the ground as soon as I could get them there. As soon as we got home, I went straight to the yard to plant them. It was almost 8pm, so it was getting dark. I got the first one in the ground with no problem, but when I went to plant the second one, I smelled something really bad. Almost as if something had died. I thought that it was probably just a little bunny that crawled under a bush and died, so I continued to plant the lantana. As soon as I finished planting it, I decided to look for the reason for the awful smell, and looked just to the right of me. And there it was. GROSS!!! It was a large, white bird! It was less than 2 feet from where I was planting the lantana!
I could barely see it because it was so dark outside! YUCK! Danny got to take it to the trash can, lucky guy!

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