Friday, October 13, 2006

Tommy's ECI Review

Last Monday, Tommy had his one-year ECI review. They evaluated him in five different categories: cognitive, communication, social, emotional, and adaptive behaviors. He scored at 29 months or above in each category (he's 27 months), except in communication, and he scored only at 21 months! Yikes. So, he is continuing with ECI. Now that he's 2 he has been assigned a real speech therapist. We just had an Early Childhood Specialist, who's main job is not really speech therapy; she just deals with minor developmental cases. She was great with Tommy, and we made some progress, but I'm glad to have an actual speech therapist now. When Tommy was being evaluated, the speech therapist was able to tell me so many more things about Tommy's development than our ECS ever did. I hope we can now make a lot of progress with Tommy's speech!


Kenny said...

That's great that Tommy can go to a speech therapist now. Hopefully it goes well.

Damaris said...

That's wonderful that Tommy is doing great! I hope that the speech therapy goes well.