Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Newest Friends

So, I will start my blog posts about our trip to Costa Rica by going backwards. To make a long, frustrating story short, we missed our connecting flight to Love Field out of Houston, and the next available flight was cancelled on Friday night (which happened to be the last flight of the day), and the next available flight wasn't until SUNDAY!! I was frustrated, and apparently, so were these other four people. From left to right we have, Anita (FUN FACT: she has perfect pitch), Danny (of course), Debbie, Kim, and Mitch. Danny and I rented a van and drove these four strangers back to the metroplex with us! They paid us, of course, but they really had no choice. None of them had a driver's license and they were essentially at our mercy! Debbie and Anita are both teachers in Grand Prarie, Kim was a tourist from Korea and spoke very little English, and Mitch is from California and was flying to Dallas to visit his dad, who lives in Keller. We had, suprisingly, a really fun trip home! Mitch was hilarious and kept us laughing most of the way, and it was fun getting to know these other people! We dropped Mitch, Anita, and Debbie at Debbie's house in Grand Prairie, where Mitch's dad met us. It was past 2am by this time, so we drove Kim to his hotel in Dallas where he was going to catch a shuttle to DFW. His shuttle was to leave only a few hours after we dropped him off! Poor guy! He was trying to sleep on the way to Dallas, but I'm not sure he was able to! We still don't know for sure if he caught his flight and made it home safely! Danny and I then drove to Mandie's house in Wylie and crashed on her couch, and Carter's bed! We were so tired, but SO glad to be back!

Danny claims that this was all my fault. Why, you ask? Because I'm not a huge fan of flying, and for some reason, I had a lot of trouble on our flight from Costa Rica to Houston. It was really bumpy, and the landing was terrible! I groaned when we got off the plane and said, "we have to do this AGAIN in less than an hour!?" Danny said, "well, what do you want to do, rent a car and DRIVE home? That doesn't sound fun to me! I'd MUCH rather fly!" Well, we ended up doing just that, and had a great time doing it. I would have much rather flown, but at least I got home in time to see our crazy snow storm, and now we have a funny story to tell our grandchildren!

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Ginny said...

What a dramatic end to your 10th anniversary! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.