Friday, April 10, 2009

Things I learned this week...

1. Boys are stinky. Especially after gym class, and I DO NOT get paid enough to teach them in small, poorly ventilated rooms!!

2. Eddie wants to be just like Tommy. He thinks he can do everything that Tommy can do. He even sleeps in a big boy bed just like Tommy! We officially put away the crib today!

3. McKinney ISD is driving me nuts! What's up with taking away our holidays this month? least Danny is home today. I can't complain about that!

4. My Visiting Teachers are AWESOME. I love Jenny and Blythe. They are such wonderful women! Oh, and Jenny's cookies are SO good!

5. The smell of smoke brings back a flood of memories for me. I am suddenly taken back to my childhood when I would go with my mom to take pictures at house fires (she worked for a newspaper). She would always bring water or some type of drink, and my sisters and I would pass them out to the firefighters. There was one fire where someone died. I will never forget seeing that body bag carried out of the house.

6. I suck at trying to lose weight. I'm stuck, and I can't get past my current weight. Sigh...

7. High School kids scare me sometimes.

8. I'm great at doing big projects around the house, but not all the little ones. I have some pictures that need to be hung, but I'm more likely to paint the kitchen before I hang pictures! What's up with that?

9. I don't like the color blue as much as I thought I did.

10. Anna is a really good kid. She gets on my nerves with her crying at every little thing, but she obeys and helps me with Tommy and Eddie. I need to stop being so hard on her. After all, girls need to stick together (especially when we're outnumbered)!


SO said...

That is interesting about the blue. I've been contemplating blue and wondered if I would get tired of it too quickly.

And that is very cool that Eddie is following Tommys lead in sleeping in a big boys bed!

Ginny said...

Are you kidding--haven't you lost 25 lbs? Sis--you're my inspiration--I'm down about 12 lbs. and hoping to be a perfect size 12 for Chrystal's wedding. You can't give up now!

Mandie said...

You should bring a small oscillating fan to your lessons and maybe it will help with the smell.

I love decorating with blue. I felt the same way about red though. I thought I would like it, and I spend a lot of money on red drapes and bedding one time, and ended up hating it. I break it out for Christmas though.