Friday, April 17, 2009

The latest

Danny's band performed yesterday, and I thought they did really well on stage. I talked to the assistant director and she told me that their warm-up was terrible, and the kids had a hard time focusing. They have not had consistent rehearsals at all this semester, so I was afraid of what was going to happen. There were some problems here and there, but overall, it was a good performance. Unfortunately, not good enough. They recieved 2-2-2 on stage. At least all of the judges were in agreement! Danny was really nervous for the performance and it didn't help that the head director from the high school was there, along with the district middle school coordinator. They usually don't come for stuff like this, but it seems like they came specifically to hear Danny's band.

I was able to go see them in sight reading, and as soon as Danny saw the piece of music he really relaxed, and I actually saw a smile on his face! Apparently, it was a really easy song. The kids were great. They were attentive and fingered through their parts, and they played the piece wonderfully! They even did the dynamics and tempo change flawlessly! Needless to say, they made 1-1-1 in sight reading! Way to go!

BUT, Danny is really upset. He feels like they could have done a much better job. He's also mad at himself for breaking the streak of sweepstakes that his school has had for the past million years. He feels that this will look really bad for him when it comes to trying to find a new job for next school year, or even keeping the one he has! Danny's band has one more contest before the school year is up, so he has another chance at redemption. Let's hope they do better for Danny's sake!


SO said...

It sounds like the sight reading went really well and I'm glad. That's too bad that they weren't able to have consistent rehearsals this semester so they could have done better. I hope they find the time to rehearse before this next performance.

Gabby said...

Well, hopefully they'll take into consideration the fact that there's been so much going on this year, not only with the old director, but also with the many changes in assistants. Besides, one can't be perfect all the time, and so there's room for growth.

Ginny said...

I'm glad the sight reading went well. That's a bummer about the rehearsed songs. Hopefully the next contest will be better. We'll keep him in our prayers.