Monday, September 15, 2008

Tommy's first soccer game and practices

Look at my boy go! This picture was taken after the game, and Tommy was SO tired! Don't you love the grumpy face?

Here are some pictures from some of Tommy's soccer practices and his first game. Tommy, Jared, and Christopher all live within 3 houses of each other! It's a lot of fun for Tommy to have his friends be on his team! His team is the Dragons, and his jersey number is 1. They don't keep score at the games, but the parents always do. Our team lost big time! There were more than 5 own goals from our team! Yes, I must admit, Tommy was responsible for one of those. Tommy loves soccer practice and games and keeps asking when the next one is!


Mandie said...

Tommy is going to be an awesome soccer player! I just can't believe little kids his age actually understand what to do! I bet its hilarious to watch.

Rebecca said...

He's so cute! He's going to do so well. We'll see you a lot at the fields this season!

Texas said...

I am sure Tommy makes Danny proud!