Monday, September 08, 2008

I feel like the worst mom in the whole world.

Today was Anna's first day to be a "walker" at school. I changed her from being a"car-rider." I will be working late on Tuesdays and a neighbor and her boys will be walking home with Anna. It is easier at the school to make her a walker everyday as opposed to her being a car rider everyday except Tuesday. It gets confusing for Anna and her teacher to keep up with. So, on the days that Erin won't be walking home with her, she's supposed to meet me at the spot and I'll either be in the car, or I'll walk with the boys. Well, today I was late. 7 minutes late. I got held up at the store because of Tommy, and when I got to our spot, Anna was there crying with a coach. I felt SO bad! She was so scared! The coach told me that when Anna got to the spot and I wasn't there, she went back to the school crying! The coach walked her back to our spot and waited with her until I came. Oh, man! I really hope Erin is at the spot in time tomorrow! I'm really nervous about this, but it's the only way I can get all my students done in one day. Man, I hate stuff like this!


Rebecca said...

Don't beat yourself up. Everyone is late sometimes. She'll be fine. You're a great mom. Don't doubt that. She's lucky to have such a loving, concerned mom.

Ginny said...

I hate those days when you feel like a horrible mother. But never fear, you'll make her much more annoyed in about 6 or 7 years and you'll long for these days!

juli said...

7 minutes is nothing. I once waited 2 hours for my mom and when I finally found a phone to call her, her first words were "Where ARE you?" For some bizarre reason, she thought I was home. The sad thing is, that happened more than once.

Anna will be fine, as long as she knows you didn't just plain old forget about her; that causes permanent scarring on a child.