Monday, July 07, 2008

Pictures from our vacation

We took a pit stop in Huntsville to see the Sam Houston statue. We were going to wait until Sunday to do that, but we're glad we didn't! It was raining on Sunday! I think this is our only family picture that we took from our trip, and of course, Tommy and I are being really mature and picking Sam's nose! The kids thought the statue was cool, but, of course, they thought the gift shop was even better!
Here we are on Galveston Island at a park that houses an old submarine. Anna was too scared to go on the sub, so we just went to the observation deck. The kids thought it was really cool, especially when a cruise ship passed by! Oh, and do you know what's in Tommy's backpack that we carried around EVERYWHERE? It's his potty seat! Can you believe it? He didn't have a single accident the ENTIRE trip! But, as soon as we got home, he squatted in front of the TV and peed and pooped. I think he had been holding in the poop the whole trip! I know too much information.

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Ginny said...

The picture of Sam's face is kind of scary. That's exciting about the potty seat--way to go Tommy!