Monday, November 26, 2007

6 Things

A while back, Missy challenged me to post 6 things that you guys don't know about me. I was shocked by her Phil Collins confession! =) Considering almost everyone who reads this is family, finding something you don't know about me makes it hard, but here it goes:
1. I hate doing laundry. Absolutely hate it! The chore of cleaning the clothes is pretty easy, because the machine does it all, it's the putting away that I can't stand! I'll leave clothes in the dryer for a day or two just so I don't have to put them away! But, it eventually drives me crazy, and I take them out of the dryer and put them away. I'm NEVER done with the laundry! As soon as all the clothes are clean, we wear them, and they get dirty again! Sigh....
2. I love rice crispy treats! I have to be careful when I make them or else I will eat them all! When I was pregnant with Eddie I made a pan of them while Danny was in school, and ate all of them before he got home!
3. I am so glad that Missy has a good sense of direction, because, I swear, her and Mandie were going to get us lost somewhere between England and France! I had no idea where we were going almost the entire time! I miss London, and hopefully, I can take Danny there someday!
4. I don't have a favorite color. Nope. Not a single one! Some days I like red, others blue, but I can tell you that whatever color is in Tommy's or Eddie's diapers is my LEAST favorite!
5. I love reality shows and NFL football. I don't know what it is about them, but I love to watch them. Amazing Race is my favorite reality show, and it almost doesn't matter who's playing, I love to watch football! I have always been a Cowboys fan, so of course, Cowboys' games are my favorites to watch! I also love Gray's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. I can't watch crime shows because I have nightmares and trouble sleeping when I do.
6. I love looking at model homes, and going to Open Houses! I have recently discovered that Anna does, too! So, we have taken up the hobby of driving around looking at houses! Maybe when I grow up I'll be a real estate agent.

Okay, now it's Mandie's turn!


Rebecca said...

Mmm.... rice crispy treats... now there is an idea for snack... we have a lot in common :)

Missy Saunders said...

Good list, Melinda! I especially like the part about me NOT GETTING US LOST IN LONDON! ;) I really considered losing you somehow while we were there so you'd stop freaking out! Ha ha, not really. Okay, maybe a little!

By the way, Ben is obsessed with the Nemo hat so thanks for letting him keep it!

Gabby said...

I chuckled at the comment about the Rice Krispies treats. Too funny. And I like looking at model homes too. Brian and I once went into some in Plano (near Tinseltown), and the first house I walked into, I told the lady flat out that we could not afford the house (turns out, I was right, since she mentioned that it was 1.5, but the spec homes down the street started in the 700s. Hah!) -- but I led her to believe that Brian would be the next Bill Gates, so you never know.... Some of these houses though, WOW....

Gabby said...

PS -- I would REALLY love to visit England. Maybe one of these years, we can all coordinate and go together. It would be fun!