Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

Ahh...the beauties of snow! It started snowing yesterday a little before 3pm, and didn't stop until 7pm. We didn't expect much more snow, but when Tommy woke up at 3am, I looked outside to see thick, falling snow! The picture above is a picture I took before I took Anna to school this morning. I was glad I did, because as soon as I stepped on the street, I discovered that it was not snow, like it looked, but ice! So, I prepared myself for a slippery drive to Anna's school! To begin with, our alley was an icy mess, so just getting to the street was trecherous! We got to the street and inched our way along. Our 3 minute drive turned into an almost 10 minute drive! We saw lots of interesting things along the way, such as a Hummer, who thought he was above it all and could drive quickly, slipping to a stop at a stop sign. Serves him right. And 3 kids, who were walking to school, fall on their little behinds as they tried to walk on the icy side walks! Poor kids. What an interesting morning! The picture above is one I took this morning, and the picture below is one I took yesterday at 5pm.
And last, but certainly not least, Anna and Tommy outside this morning. They wanted to be outside and LOOK at the snow, but they refused to touch it, and certainly didn't want to play in it! Two minutes outside for a picture was enough for them!


Randi said...

I was a cold morning. Thanks for a picture of your house... I have never seen it. I is such a neat looking house! Those are beautiful pictures!

Missy said...

Wow, you guys got so much snow! You're so lucky! It just turned into a slushy dirty mess at our house. But thankfully, it didn't ice over very much at all so we didn't have that to deal with. It would have been nice to get pics of Ben in the snow though!

How are your plants holding up?

Brian and Mandie said...

It snowed a lot more there than it did in Wylie! I'm glad you all got to enjoy it!

Texas said...

I am with Randi, your house is really cute. This is the first time I have really seen it. Other photographs only showed a small glimps of it.