Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Knows Best

Yesterday, Anna came into my room and announced that she couldn't go to school because she had Strep Throat. I looked at her like she was crazy, and then checked her temperature. It was normal, and she had no symptoms other than a sore throat. I sent her to school, but when she came home, she said her throat hurt worse and her eyes were all itchy. I thought that it must be allergies, and gave her some allergy medicine and sent her to dance class. At around 10pm we heard Anna crying in her room, so we went and checked on her. She said her throat was hurting so bad that she couldn't sleep. That sent up some major red flags, so we grabbed the thermometer to check her temp, but the darn thing decided that after almost 6 years of service that it was time to quit! I told Anna that we would go to the doctor first thing this morning, and she agreed quickly (which is quite unusual because she HATES going to the doctor!). Well, lo and behold, we went to the doctor this morning and Anna has a bad case of Strep as well as Pink Eye! I should have listened to her on Thursday morning when she told me that she had Strep. Goodness knows she's had it enough to know what it feels like!


Texas said...

Poor Anna. I hope she gets better quickly.

Randi said...

I am sorry she is sick again. I had the same problem when I was a kid... one more time with the strep and I would be a tonsil-less girl! I hope she is feeling better!

Brian and Mandie said...

Wow. Poor Anna! But I think you did the right thing. It would be wonderful if we could believe our kids every time they say they're sick, but unfortunately, that won't always work. It's just sad that she had to suffer.