Monday, August 14, 2006

More first day pictures

My little girl is growing up!


Missy said...

How adorable does she look? It must be hard leaving her at school, but at least you still have Tommy (who will be in school himself in no time). She's growing up so fast!

Missy said...

By the way, that back pack is swallowing her whole!

Damaris said...

she looks so cute!

Gab said...

Anna is TOO adorable! She looks so happy and excited to be at school.

(One day, when she's much older, and she doesn't want to go to school, show her this picture as a reminder how excited she was to go to school -- back in the day.)

But that backpack! It's HUGE! *laughs* It's cute, though.

And kudos on the purple shirt. I approve!

Missy said...

Hey Melinda, how is Anna doing now that she realizes she has to go to school, EVERY DAY? Just curious!