Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just Stuff

So, Anna is really liking school. She did great the first week, but we are still struggling to get into a good routine. She wakes up around 7, but she plops in front of the TV to watch cartoons, and doesn't really want to start getting ready. So, by 7:45 I'm rushing to get Tommy AND Anna ready to walk out the door by 8. We live really close to the school, but we have to leave before 8:10, to get her to school before the 8:20 bell sounds. (we walk) When she gets home from school, she is REALLY grumpy! She will take orders from no one! She's just so tired of following instructions all day that when she gets home, she just wants to relax. So, now she comes home, and has to go straight to her room, or the office, to play alone, until she can handle following orders. That has been working best for all of us. She gets the alone time she desperately needs, and we don't have to hear her screaming at us.

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