Sunday, November 16, 2008

The End

Well, the Dragon's season came to an end on November 1st. It was sad for it to end, because we know that some of the boys won't be returning next year. Tommy had a great time, even if his team ended up 0-8 for the season!
He loved his participation trophy and carried it around with him all day!

Tommy got the team award for footwork. He has the best feet on the team, unfortunately, he spent too much time with his footwork, and not enough time running! If you can read the certificate, you can see where Coach John misspelled the team's name! We still love you Coach John!

This is the only picture I had of Anna and Jake. Jake lives two doors down, and his brother Jared was on Tommy's team. Anna and Jake spent A LOT of time together this season! They really enjoyed playing together, and would spend a lot of time together at the park during soccer practice. Tommy and Anna are both sad that Jake and Jared are moving! (me too!)

Anna thought that the team needed some extra support, so she made this big sign and a few smaller ones. She did it all on her own and had a fun time doing it! Hopefully, we'll be making signs for Anna's soccer team next season!


Rebecca said...

Awww... what cute kiddos you have. I love Anna's sign. Maya loved her trophy too :)

Ginny said...

What a great big sister! Congratulations on the fancy footwork award.

Lori said...

So cute! I'll bet Tommy was super proud of his footwork award! :)

Texas said...

I love seeing kids play sports. It is cute how much Tommy loves his trophy.

I appreciate that Anna spelt Drangons correctly. Oops I meant Dragons. (In Coach John's defense...I am sure he was in a hurry.)

Texas said...
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