Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Airing my dirty laundry

Yes, I must admit, I am not perfect, but I can usually keep my house (and even my van) clean and well-organized. I have forgotten how much more difficult it is to do my everyday chores with a toddler, especially one with a cold! So, my house is much less than perfect these days. Here's how bad it has become:
  • My backyard is a white-trash paradise. Toys and patio furniture litter the lawn along with the kids' snack-wrappers, dirty socks, and soaking wet sneakers.
  • My van looks like I mowed the lawn and dumped all of the grass clippings in it! (I'm really not exaggerating!) The grass came from the 8am soccer games on wet grass, and I just haven't had time to clean it out.
  • I still have my Halloween decorations up and Halloween was almost a week ago!
  • My toilets are disgusting! Need I say more?
  • My living room carpet has lovely shades of blue, purple, pink and brown from various Halloween candies.

As you can see, I have a lot of work ahead of me today and for the rest of the week! What does your house look like, and do you have any dirty little secrets?


Gabby said...

Thankfully, we're doing pretty good, since we moved in I'm trying to keep the place as organized as possible. We have just a few boxes of stuff to get rid of/sell. As for dirty secrets, we've piled up a little more laundry than normal, as Brian usually does it on Mondays (his day off), but he had to work this Monday. However, probably the worst is the cat litter in the "nook" where the litter box is. It's almost impossible to keep track of all the litter they kick out, so we usually just let it sit for days at a time -- if not, I'd be sweeping several times a day! We have to figure something else out. But, it's not that bad. Forgive me. ^_-

PS -- Congrats on losing the weight!

Reid and Brittney said... of those days huh? Happens to me all the time. Oh well it gets hard sometimes to stay on top of everything. Good luck!!!

Ginny said...

Oh, you know me. My dirty secret is that we have no worries of ever being robbed because the burglars will walk in and think we've already been hit!

Lori said...

You've been in my house, and that was on a good day! :) If you want bad though, you should see the guest room closet. It's the catch all for clutter when we do a quick clean before having guests over and then we forget that the junk is there and never clean it out. It's scary bad!

Mandie said...

My dirty secret is that my kitchen is clean about two days out of the week, and its even worse when Brian is out of town.