Friday, October 17, 2008


1. Eddie is mad at me because his blanket is in the wash. It smelled so bad I kept checking his diaper to see if he had poop! He carries this blanket EVERYWHERE. It even went with us to Market Street yesterday.

2. Tommy came home with a tummyache. He's lying on the couch with his blanket resting right now. We'll see how it goes.

3. Say a prayer for Danny. He REALLY needs some extra help these next couple of weeks. I'm not allowed to talk about what's going on, yet, if that gives you a clue about his stress.

4. I found some beautiful rose bushes at Wal-mart yesterday for only $5.50! They're full and beautiful, and Tommy helped dig the holes for me!

5. Anna has been making 100% on her AR tests!

6. Tommy has a game against the Mighty Munchkins on Saturday, at 8am. What a terrible name! We have to beat them!!

7. My office re-do is almost done. I just need to find new curtains for the window and touch up the paint. I can't wait to have it finished! I've been working on the kid's bathroom, the office, and the living room, all at the same time. So, of course, I have half of each room done. I'm hoping to have it all done before the holidays.

8. Ugh. Eddie has poopy diaper #5! It's not even noon! He's started saying "uh-oh" after he poops, which is pretty cool!


Rebecca said...

Mine don't want me to wash their blankies either. The blankets have to walk themselves into the washing machine. How did the game go?

Ginny said...

Well, your post certainly has the correct title! I didn't know you were working on one room, much less 3. Please send pics. Oh, and sorry about the poopy diapers--this too shall pass.

Scuba Steve said...

So did Tommy's team win the game against the Munchkins? I hope so. You are right about the bad name. Missy and I want to come watch one of Tommy's games... when's the next one?