Sunday, October 19, 2008

All about Tommy

So, remember how I said in my last post that Tommy had a stomachache? Well, he was fine after going to the bathroom, so I didn't think anything of it. On Saturday, we woke up late for Tommy's soccer game, and were surprised that Tommy wasn't already up! He's usually up around 6am, but I had to drag him out of bed! He got ready quickly, refused to eat breakfast and we hurried to his game. Man, those Mighty Munchkins really did live up to their name! They were awesome! This one kid was able to kick a couple of goals from midfield! Wow. Our dragons were draggin'. Sorry for the pun, but they just don't like these 8 am games! Tommy was on fire during the second quarter, (they rotate playing each quarter, so he sat out the first), and he scored 2 goals! The first 2 goals of the game! During the 3rd quarter the Dragons only scored 1 goal, so we were all excited for Tommy to come out during the last quarter and see if he could get himself a hat-trick. But, something just wasn't right. Tommy was tired, and very distracted. He kept rubbing his tummy, and spinning around in circles. At times, he would just stand there and do nothing! Our Dragons lost 3-11. Not a good game! Well, we headed to Ella Mae's house to help unpack some more but Tommy was not happy. His tummy hurt and he refused to eat. We stayed for only a couple of hours. When we got home, he just started crying and complaining that his mouth hurt. We took the flashlight and inspected and found awful white and red bumps on his throat. Strep. A trip to Minute Clinic verified our suspicions and by 5pm, he had his first round of antibiotics. Poor kid. He was miserable all night. He would just start crying every time he had to swallow. He was better this morning, but still has a really sore throat. His appetite has yet to return, but we're not concerned about that. That's actually a good thing!

Oh, and for those of you who want to come to a game, he only has 2 more left. Next week's game is an 8am start, again, and the last game, on Nov. 1 will be at 3:30pm. Yeah! Feel free to come, we would love to have a larger cheering section!

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Ginny said...

How weird that he was complaining of a stomachache with strepp. Hope he gets better soon!