Friday, March 16, 2007

Our Trip to the zoo

Today Tommy, Anna, and I went to the zoo with Grandma, Missy & Ben, Randi & Mary, Suzy, and Damaris. It was VERY busy today with Spring Break, but despite the crowds, we had a pretty good time. Suzy, mom, me, Damaris, and I think Missy all brought cameras so there should be tons of pictures. Here are a couple of cute ones of mine. Anna was the navigator today, so her and Suzy took the lead and lead us through the zoo. I don't know what I would have done if Suzy and Damaris weren't there to help me with my kids! Thanks! In the last picture (but actually the first animal we visited), the ape actually charged the window scaring everyone except Tommy. You should have seen Anna and grandma running for their lives! It was kind of funny, but Anna didn't think so. She didn't want to see any more primates and was ready for something a little more low key, like flamingos.

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Missy said...

It's funny how Anna's scared of the gorilla, but strangely infatuated with alligators! We all had a fun time! I want another blizzard!