Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ice Skating!

The Stars Center hosted a free skating day in January. Since we live less than 5 miles from the rink, and the kids have never ice-skated before, we decided to take advantage!
They piled mounds of ice shavings (snow) in the corner of the rink for the kids to play in. Eddie thought it was awesome! Eddie did a pretty good job of skating. The kid has great balance, and a low center of gravity, so that came in handy on the ice!
Anna was dying to learn to skate, but she struggled quite a bit. If she doesn't get something right away she gets really frustrated. Ice skating is a lot harder than she thought it was! She ended up learning a lot, and didn't give up! We'll go again when it's not so busy, so she can practice some more.
Tommy is super independent and refused our help with skating. He went out on his own and did a pretty good job. He ended up spending most of his time in the snow!
They also had a snow machine that sprayed snow all over the kids in the corner. Tommy loved to just stand there and try to catch it in his mouth!

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