Friday, January 29, 2010

Catching Up

The kids wouldn't have even gone out into the snow on this day, but our neighbors were out in their front yard building a snowman, and the kids just HAD to go out too! I'm SO glad we went out! We had a blast! Tommy's favorite part was making snowballs and throwing them at everyone!
Our snowmen were really dirty because we had so many leaves in our yard, and the snow was so WET!

Eddie and Papi took off for a long walk down the street. Well, actually Eddie took off down the street and Danny followed, but it was such a beautiful night they both enjoyed how peaceful it was! Eddie just loved the snow, but he didn't love how cold it was! Danny would periodically blow on Eddie's hands to warm them up. We didn't have any mittens for him!
This is actually the snow that we woke up to on Christmas day. Anna was the only one who wanted to go out in it. The boys were too busy playing video games! It was hard and icy, and not much fun to play in! It was NOT fun to drive in, either! We had a rough trip on the way home from Abuela's house Christmas Eve. The drive is normally about 30 minutes, but it took us almost an hour to get home! The roads were super slick, and we were SO grateful to get home without any problems!

Our little cactus did not like the snow one bit! We forgot to bring it in this winter, so we're not sure if Spikey (yes, we named the cactus) is going to make it to spring!

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Ginny said...

Cute pics. Our Christmas snow was very fluffy and almost impossible to pack into snowballs. It's been a fun cold year! (But I am ready for spring.)