Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking for some inspiration...

My bedroom is ugly. Okay, so it's not really ugly, it's just not pretty. It's not a room I walk into and feel like it's my sanctuary. It has outdated furniture, and an ugly clock, and too much gold, oh and black curtains I made when I found out we had a peeping tom! I want something peaceful, and pretty, but not frilly, girly. I want to paint the walls, replace my headboard, maybe repaint my dresser, or even get a new one, get a new comforter, shams, bedskirt, maybe re-upholster(why does that word look weird to me?) my chair...the list goes on. Any ideas of what I should do? Any pretty rooms you have found online to give me some inspiration? I don't even know what colors I want or anything! I would love to hear/see your ideas!


Gabby said...

I have a whole folder dedicated to room inspiration pics. Whenever I am perusing sites, from home decor mags, to catalogs like Pottery Barn, I click and save the pics.

While I had a decent idea of what my decorating style is (I'm smatterings of different country with a touch of classic/traditional), I took this style quiz:

Then, I once in awhile do searches for my style. I like going to BetterHomesandGardens web site -- they have tons of inspirations pics.

And hey, I would just like to have a headboard. Oh, and complementary nightstands. And maybe some lamps that aren't clearance Wal-mart lamps. ^_-

Good luck!

(PS -- I love to go to places like Home Goods. Lots of neat stuff for decent prices overall. Not that I've ever bought stuff there, cuz I'm poor, but .....)

Carrie said...

The best decorating advice i ever got was to find one thing that you LOVE, fabric/painting/pottery, whatever, and let that be the focal point. Once you have that the colors and style usually come together a lot more easily. I'm going to go take the quiz that Gabby posted just for fun.

Ginny said...

Oops, that was really Ginny talking above. And thanks Gabby for the design quiz--apparently I'm "wine country". Hmm, too bad I don't drink!

Gabby said...

*LOL* Ginny, I'm wine country too. I think it refers to the sort of Tuscan-inspired decor of the country. Anything found in a wine villa somewhere? That's what I think it means, anyway. ^_^