Saturday, November 14, 2009


  • We got hit with a stomach bug this week. Eddie first on Wednesday, Anna and Tommy on Thursday, and me on Friday. Danny escaped it.
  • Anna went to an 80's party tonight. It was fun to dress her in a totally outrageous outfit that I would have loved to wear when I was a kid.
  • I pulled nearly 100 iris bulbs from my back flower beds. They had multiplied so much, and had so little space, that they were growing over the cement into the driveway!
  • My fence needs some minor repairs and a major paint job. Anyone want to come help?
  • Anna and Tommy missed the Patriotic Parade on Friday. They were sad, but we were able to listen to it from our backyard. It would have been Tommy's first parade.
  • I can't wait for the cold front to come! Warm weather in November stinks.
  • I'm getting my first MaryKay makeover on Wednesday morning. Anyone is welcome to come watch and get made over themselves! Bring your kids!
  • I can't wait for Black Friday!
  • High School All-Region is coming up and I'm nervous about how my students will do.
  • Eddie has not slept through the night since he had the flu. We can't get him to sleep all night!! Any suggestions?


Jennifer said...

Wow Melinda...sick kids again! I hope it goes away and stays away.

Depending on how soon (and when) you want to fix your fence we may be able to help. Just call or email me and let me know when you're thinking.

Looks like you got your cold weather!

Wishing good luck to all your students for All-Region!

I only wish I had suggestions for Eddie. We've been having the same problem with Jacob and Abigail since they were sick.

Ginny said...

How was your makeover?

Melinda said...

My makeover actually went really well. I ended up buying the concealer because it was SO awesome!