Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Death in the Family

Today we all went swimming as a family, but Eddie was getting tired, so Danny took him home while I rounded up Anna and Tommy (who is IMPOSSIBLE to get out of the water!). I got home, and was taking off my shoes and putting floaties away when Danny came into the room and said that his mom called and that there was a death in the family. I froze. My mind immediately started racing through all the different possibilities of who it could be. A heart attack? Car accident? Abuelo? Nydia? An uncle or aunt? Then I looked at Danny. He didn't really seem sad, he looked almost....happy. Then it hit me. "Jabberwoky," I said instantly. One smirk from Danny confirmed it. It was cranky, old Jabberwoky, Danny's parents' million-year-old cat who has been plagued with health issues in his old age. The vet finally said that he was too sick, and put him down. To tell you the truth, I'm happy that he's gone. The poor cat was suffering and now he's in a much better place. Eddie will be sad, though. He always went straight to Jabberwoky whenever he went to abuela's house, even though Jabberwoky made it quite clear that he didn't like Eddie! Rest in peace, Jabberwoky.


Suzy said...

I was scared to open the posting and read it. I am relieved that it was the cat.

Gabby said...

yeah, bad title!!! But, at least he's not suffering anymore. And, he was old.

I got a little sad yesterday, only because Mom told me what was discussed and what she was going to do today. Made me think of when I had to put Skweekr down. And then I cried holding one of my cats now, knowing that it's awful to have to do, even if you know it's the right thing. (That's why I try and take care of mine SO much so that they're around for a long, long time!)

SO said...

Jabberwocky is a scary name for a cat. RIP Jabberwocky.