Friday, May 29, 2009


Tommy hopped off the bus today with a huge smile on his face and a large Ninja Turtle and motorcycle in his hands. "I got treasure box today!" he shouted. Well, I opened his backpack to reveal many more "treasures." There was a book, memory game, brand new water colors, and a large bag filled with foam, magnetic letters! What the heck? As I sifted through the many papers, pictures, and toys in his backpack, I cam across a small note at the bottom that said: "As we prepare to box things up...for our move, we will be throwing out lots of items. Please be aware that you may notice lots of treasures (books and toys) coming home." Um, so what they're saying is, they are going to send home, with my four-year-old, all the crap that they don't want? Great.


Ginny said...

That looks like pretty nice stuff! Where are they moving?

the Holyoaks said...

Hi Melinda, This is Diana (Anderson) Holyoak. I saw your blog link on Jennifer's blog and thought I'd see what you guys are up to. It looks like you guys are busy and having fun! I just wanted to say hi!